The Setting

“Children flourish at the nursery; they thoroughly enjoy their learning and achieve extremely well in relation to their starting points.  The environment provides children with excellent opportunities to choose their play materials to follow their individual learning styles.” (Ofsted 2012)

The nursery has been established for 35 years and is privately owned by Anita Francis.  A purpose built construction standing in its own secure garden in the village of South Wonston approximately 4 miles to the north of Winchester (accessible just off the A34)

The nursery offers day care to 26 children from the ages 2 to 8 years, in a happy stimulating environment where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace through play.  We offer Before and After School Club for children who attend South Wonston Primary School and day care during the school holidays.

The nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage. The staff ratio is 1:8 for 3+ year olds, and 1:4 for 2 year olds with all the staff either fully qualified or working towards their qualification.  All staff at the setting has experience of working with children in this age group.

We support all children with additional needs and work with you and outside agencies to best support your child.  Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Local Offer explains more. “Children are provided with an inclusive environment and learn about valuing each others differences and the setting promotes equality and diversity very well.  Children with special educational needs and those with English as additional language are very well supported.” (Ofsted 2012)

We offer a nutritous breakfast, morning snack, cooked lunch, afternoon snack and tea, all of which are included in the fees “The nursery provides an excellent variety of healthy and nutritious meals and snacks which are cooked on premises.  Children benefit hugely from the carefully balanced menu offered.” (Ofsted 2012)

Before a child starts at nursery we are happy to visit them at home, this builds a trust between the child and practitioner and can help the child to settle more quickly into the nursery setting. We are happy for you to visit the nursery and stay with your child if you feel this is beneficial.  We recommend you bring your child and leave them for a short time, so they understand that you leave and return to them.  If your child has a comforter of any sort (cuddly toy, blanket, etc.) we recommend your child to bring it with them.  We recognise parents know their children best and will be guided by you for as long as it takes for your child to settle. We will also assign each child a key person.  “An excellent key person system is in place which enables all children to be ready for the next steps in their learning.  Children develop strong emotional bonds and trusting relationships with their key worker and this superb relationship helps children develop self esteem and confidence”. (Ofsted 2012)

Please have a look at some of our parents views from both past and present of the nursery care we provide for you and your children.