Before and After School Club

“I have enjoyed playing in the sandpit, playing on the swings and having fun with other children”

“I have made such lovely friends”

The nursery offers care to 26  children from the ages 2 to 8 years, in a happy stimulating environment where children are encourages to develop at their own pace through play.

The school children have their own designated area in the nursery with a range of resources available to them such as books, different pens and pencils, paper, glue, paint, games and a comfy area with cushions and blankets for those who would like a rest.

We offer an optional nutritious breakfast between 8.00am and 8.30am consisting of a range of cereals, toasts and spreads.  We leave for school at approximately 8.30am so we kindly ask for all children to be at nursery by 8.25am.

All children and staff wear high visability jackets for their safety, walking in pairs to form a ‘Walking Bus’.

The children are collected at the end of the school day at 3.15pm.  After arriving back at nursery, the children have the option to change into a new set of clothes or stay in their school uniforms.

A nutritious tea is served to all children at approximately 4.00pm.  The school children have their own designated table and they help themselves to their cutlery.


Before and After School Club Fees

0800-0900 £5.25

1500-1700 £10.50

1500-1800 £15.75


We also offer day care during the school holidays.


School Holiday Fees

0900-1300 £26.00

0900-1500 £36.00

1300-1700 £26.00

0800-1800 £50.00

Hourly rate for extra hours is £5.00 per hour